PADI RDP – Air (metric)

This page helps you validate your PADI RDP calculations. The intension of this page is not to replace the PADI RDP calculator or a dive computer but instead validate your results.

I would not recomend using this script to plan your dives. Use this script at your own peril!

This script just like the PADI RDP is working on the assumption that your dive is a square profile. If you don’t know what a square dive profile is better stop reading now!

PADI Recreactional Dive Planner Worked Example
This is worked example showing 3 dives

Dive 1: Calculate Pressure Group (Table 1)

This script assumes that you are starting your dive planning without any residual Nitrogen from previous dives in your body. This assumption is correct as long as this is your first dive for at least 24 hrs, it it not at altitude and you have not been flying in the last 24 hrs.

This section calculates your maximum No Decompression Limit for a given depth and also your pressure group after a dive at that depth for a user defined bottom time.